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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding collision repair:

Q: New car dealerships are the only people that use original equipment genuine parts, right?

A: Not at all true. We use genuine manufacturer's body parts like fenders, hoods and other major body parts. In fact, dealers are just as likely to use non-genuine aftermarket parts as any other body shop. Just because you take your vehicle to a dealer body shop for repair does not guarantee the use of genuine parts. You should discuss this issue with your service representative wherever you take your vehicle for repair and your insurance company in order to ensure that genuine parts are used in the repair.

Q: If my car is pretty new and still under warranty, I have to take it to the dealership for body repairs, right?

A: Again, this is usually not true. For the vast majority of vehicles any repair shop you choose that performs high quality repairs and uses genuine manufacturer's parts will not void your new car warranty.

Q: If my car's "frame" has been bent or damaged, it will never be the same as it was before the wreck again, right?

A: Wrong again. With the right equipment, data and skilled technicians, vehicles with frame or unibody damage can be repaired back to specs without much trouble. We use Car-O-Liner unibody repair benches and with it we are capable of repairing severely damaged vehicles to manufacturer's tolerances every day.

Q: My car has an unusual/high metallic color. Will it be difficult to match?

A: Color matching is not problem for any color when it's broken down into a science, which is exactly what we do! We use Glasurit manufactured by BASF paint and clear coat, and all of our paint is mixed in-house using our computerized match system.

Q: Do I have to go to the repair shop the insurance company recommends?

A: No. You have "Freedom of Choice". You have the legal right to take your car to any repair shop you choose, no matter what. In fact, we are on several major insurer's preferred vendor lists, and we in no way compromise our quality to be on those preferred lists. If we aren't on the insurance company's referral list and you would like us to repair your vehicle, you have every right to bring the vehicle to us. Beware of insurance company representatives that try to push you into taking your vehicle to a particular shop by threatening not to pay for repair charges or car rentals, as such intimidation is unethical and sometimes illegal.

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